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The world is full of stories, but how to write your own in a vivid, interesting and compelling way?

Fonari is number one in telling stories.

Scripts, text material, content creating Interesting content and quality language form a credible foundation for all communication.

Excellent language and text content are a source of pride for Fonari.


Different cultures and customs require understanding. We at Fonari are comfortable operating wherever, from shores of Lake Koitere to Tanzania, Florida, Montenegro or Catalonia. Internationalization starts from courage and being open-minded.
People at Fonari are world citizens from North Karelia.

New innovations in tourism

Culture tourism in North Karelia is a growing market. New and interesting content is often derived from the thoughts of Creative Director Lauri Jänis. We are inspired by finding the right pull factors for every location and tourist operator as well as creating a marketable product.

We at Fonari are proud to assist in creating successful tourist attractions and services.