Story of Fonari

Fixer and developer smell in the kitchen of Harustie 1M1 in Rantakylä, Joensuu. Black-and-white photos of lumberjacks working around lake Koitere dry on the kitchen table. A young boy back from school looks at the pictures and wonders about the stories and the lives of the men in the pictures. Friends knock on the door, asking to come and play street hockey. Childhood summers are spent in Lammassaari or Multavieru islands of Koitere, food being mainly self-caught fish and rye bread. Leica cameras are used often and posters, cards, and picture collections of Koitere are being published.

On the surface

PikkuPriha inn

PikkuPriha inn is, as they say, Ilomantsi's nicest inn. Cozy and personalised rooms and a warm...

Koitajoki Nature Triathlon

The best way to enjoy nature in Ilomantsi!

Koitajoki Nature Triathlon offers a chance to...


Fonari's Creative Director Lauri is producing content around Koitajoki river and lake Koitere....

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The world is full of stories, but how to write your own in a vivid, interesting and compelling...


Different cultures and customs require understanding. We at Fonari are comfortable operating...

New innovations in tourism

Culture tourism in North Karelia is a growing market. New and interesting content is often...


Lauri Jänis luova johtaja

Lauri Jänis

Creative Director

Storytelling, Cultural Management and Productization, Tourism Development, Personnel Training

Joel Jänis toimitusjohtaja

Joel Jänis

Chief Executive Officer

Human Resources, Financial Management, Marketing, Arts

Jaakko Jänis visualisti

Jaakko Jänis

Visual/Graphic Designer

Media, Arts activities

Kaisa Jänis viestintäosaaja

Kaisa Jänis


Finnish language, Pedagogy